PowerBlock Dumbbells are Great for Small Apartments or Homes

Living in a studio in the city can make it difficult for a person to have an in home gym.  Can you imagine having an entire set of traditional dumbbells?  Not a very good idea since you would have no room for yourself in the studio!  Fortunately, for those of us in confined quarters we can have a complete dumbbell set courtesy of the PowerBlock Dumbbells.

They are adjustable dumbbells that take up the space of one set of dumbbells as opposed to 10-12 different sets.  Another added bonus are the fact that you can purchase the weight range that is appropriate for you.

Coming in different ranges:

Since I tend to spend all of my money on student loans and car payments, I don’t have a lot of money to be throwing at gym equipment.  I also don’t want to spend money on cheap quality items that will break down after just a few uses.

PowerBlock sets typically are much cheaper than their premium counterpart the Bowflex SelectTech.

Get your PowerBlock Dumbbells today!

Other adjustable dumbells that you might consider are:

Universal Power-Pak

Bowflex SelectTech


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