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Dress to Impress

That is my personal motto that drives the clothing that I purchase. This does not mean that all of my purchases must be some pretentious brand or another. What this means is that as we hit our late 20s and 30s you should be wearing clothes that fit your specific physique. Highlight the features that are your strengths, while minimizing the features that are not.

Since we’re no longer growing(in height), you should spend a little bit more to get shirts that are fitted to your specific measurements:

  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Chest

This will give you a much better fit and even make you look like you’re in better condition than you are. Ask yourself this

Would you rather your clothes fit well or just hang off of you all baggy?

For pants/slacks/jeans, when you have the inseam altered to fit your specific inseam, you avoid the look of trying to fit into your “taller brother’s” clothes.

Here you will find the different brands of clothing that will help you to look your best whether you’re rocking a suit, or simply hanging out in shorts and a t-shirt.


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