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Best Network Marketing Leads-Secret Of Recruiting Your Best Prospects

The best leads are not:

  • Leads you purchase
  • Those you rent from a genealogy list
  • Those you prospect on the streets

The state of the network marketing industry today certainly has changed. Today we have the internet, yet another barrier to your success removed.

There are still uplines stuck in 1974, teaching the same tired old techniques to their mlm downline members.

The internet is a lifesaver, with it you have the ability to find your exact type of prospect and if you do things right, they will flat out give you their contact details and practically ask you to prospect them.

This is a huge difference from getting thrown out of stores and supermarkets trying to recruit people, who simply wanted to buy their groceries.

Do you honestly think people who are picking up bananas at your local grocers are valid and qualified prospects? Crazy, but that is exactly what is being taught by the old school face to face network marketers.

The secret of network marketing success is to only prospect those who want to be prospected to and you can do this with great accuracy with the internet. You can pick any niche you want as well:

  • Men’s Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Food

Your real target market really only consists of 2 groups of people:

  1. Existing network marketers

    People actively searching for information in this industry

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