Top 2016 Men’s Fitness & Men’s Hygiene Tips

Best exercises for fitness in 2016

At the front of most men’s minds in the beginning of the year…. Fitness!!

How am I going to get chiseled for the summer when I’ll be spending time at a beach or pool with my shirt off.

To help out with this fitness goal as well as many of the others that you as a man will have this year check out the top 10 youtube mens fitness channels for inspiration!

Of course check out the fitness tips you will find here as well

Top 20 Tips for Hygiene

So now that you’ve mastered your fitness routines for the year, its now time to trim the mane and groom those claws! What better way then to put together a list of the top 20 tips for men’s hygiene.

1. Wear deodorant every day
2. Trim your pubes
3. Neck beards are only for rock stars and artists
4. Powder your balls
5. Less is more with cologne
6. Invest in a Norelco facial hair grooming tool
7. Ear hair needs to be attended to
8. Trim your nose hair every week
9. Trim your toes nails every week in the summer / every other week in the winter
10. Wash your face in the morning
11. Exfoliate your face at night
12. Apply facial moisturizer after #10 and #11
13. If you have back hair, buy a baKblade
14. Eyebrows- you need two of them
15. Wet wipes rock and keep your butt squeaky clean
16. Don’t be a cheap-ass- invest in high quality tweezers
17. If your mouth tastes badly, your breath stinks
18. Handle your dandruff with Neutrogena T-Gel
19. Regular hair cuts (short hair every 3 -4 weeks / medium every 4 – 6 weeks)
20. Groom your beard

Build Your Perfect Home Gym One Piece at a Time

When I decided to really get serious about my fitness, I realized that I wanted to buy my own equipment for my perfect home gym and workout there..  There were so many times I would put off going to the gym…the gym I was paying monthly dues to.

I figured if I had my own setup that I would be more consistent in working out and burning those calories off and may, just maybe by accident get some tone on my poor abandoned body.

Deciding to setup a home gym and knowing where to start were entirely different levels of difficulty.

Today I’m going to provide you with the starter kit that you will want.  Based off of your budget start out with the first items and work your way down the checklist until you have all of them and you will have a gym that your buddies will be envious of!


Since a home gym is going to have much less square footage than a traditional gym, I would definitely recommend going with dumbbells that are adjustable and take up far less space than an entire set of dumbbells.  I really like the PowerBlock dumbbells because they are fairly cheap.

You can get the 50-pound set here for just under $300.


For pullups in your home or apartment, there is no better alternative than one of the pullup bars that you can use in any of your doorways.  I originally got a simple one bar variety that was made of really cheap aluminum and I bent it within about 4 months.

For my next foray into pull up bars that I could use in my apartment I got the Prosource Pull-Up bar.  I love this thing since it has different grips so that you can focus on different muscles and types of pullups.  I’ve now had the Prosource for almost 3 years now and the only complaint that I would have is the padding where the pullup bar connects to the door frame is starting to get worn.

Check out the Prosource Pull-up bar here.


Some people may say that you should go all out and get the priciest adjustable bench you can find for your workouts. Well you know what? I started out with a bench that I paid less than $60 for and never had any real issues with it (until I moved and the movers crushed it with one of my couches; but that’s another story).

If you have the money to do so it can’t hurt getting one of the higher quality brands.

I like these two

  1. Cheaper Option – Cap Barbell Fitness
  2. Pricier Option – Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench

Suspension Training

For me there is only ONE player in the suspension training field and that is TRX.  I was first introduced to the TRX Suspension Trainer when my complex offered complimentary training sessions with a local fitness company that comes to the complex gyms.

My trainer would bring these in and it was amazing how much more difficult a pushup became.  I ended up working out so many more stabilizer muscles and overall got much stronger using these straps.

Get your TRX Suspension Trainer Set here.







Do you hate cardio on a treadmill?  Have you ever run into issues trying to do certain exercises and found that the dumbbell was just not working out for you?

Let me introduce you to the kettlebell.  These are pretty cool weights due to their versatility in the exercises that you can do with them.  Anything from swings to Russian twists.

They come in a wide range of weights so you can buy just those that are at the level of fitness that you can handle and then slowly add new, heavier kettelbells as your strength increases.


Stability Equipment

Earlier, when I was writing about the TRX straps I mentioned how I got so much more in gains due to the engaging of the stabilizer muscles.  These next two items are very good at helping to engage as many muscles as possible.

This means that you will see bigger strength gains.  The best part?  Both of these can be purchased for less than $50 each.

  • Valslide – Putting your feet on these and then doing Mountain Climbers, Planks and other body weight exercises will increase the intensity of the exercise.
  • Swiss Ball – This ball creates instability so that the level of any exercise done while using it is increased.


So as you can see this list isn’t huge by any means, but once you have it you will have quite the perfect home gym!

What are some gym items that you feel are must have for your gym?

PowerBlock Dumbbells are Great for Small Apartments or Homes

Living in a studio in the city can make it difficult for a person to have an in home gym.  Can you imagine having an entire set of traditional dumbbells?  Not a very good idea since you would have no room for yourself in the studio!  Fortunately, for those of us in confined quarters we can have a complete dumbbell set courtesy of the PowerBlock Dumbbells.

They are adjustable dumbbells that take up the space of one set of dumbbells as opposed to 10-12 different sets.  Another added bonus are the fact that you can purchase the weight range that is appropriate for you.

Coming in different ranges:

Since I tend to spend all of my money on student loans and car payments, I don’t have a lot of money to be throwing at gym equipment.  I also don’t want to spend money on cheap quality items that will break down after just a few uses.

PowerBlock sets typically are much cheaper than their premium counterpart the Bowflex SelectTech.

Get your PowerBlock Dumbbells today!

Other adjustable dumbells that you might consider are:

Universal Power-Pak

Bowflex SelectTech


Eye Opening Look at What You’re Eating

We are so inundated with misleading messages when it comes to nutrition that sometimes we may not even know what is truly good for us to eat and what is not as healthy.  Look at this infographic from Massive Health and see if there are any tidbits of nutritional information that you didn’t know.


Do you have any other information on what you’re eating to keep your health and weight on the right path?

Motivation: Always Reach for Higher Ground

This picture always reminds me to push a little harder and to carry on a little bit longer in the pursuit of my goals.  If achieving your dreams was something that was easy, everyone would be doing it and the satisfaction of making your dreams come true would be as great as it is now…

So remember that when it seems tough, try to reach that next level up.  Trust me, the view is great!

A Cookie Better For You Than a Banana?

I found this handy little infographic on a bunch of various snacks and fruits and what their ranking is on the sugar and satiety scale and wanted to share it because it’s quite insightful to actually see where some of your favorite foods are ranked.

This is obviously the first post in the category of health and nutrition that I have come to appreciate much more as I grow older and realize that I can’t keep eating unhealthy foods like Big Macs and other fast foods.


It’s quite an interesting read and I’m glad I found it at this health blog.

Technology — Connecting us Like Never Before

Whether you saw the protests dubbed the Arab Spring (that seemed to dominate the news in 2011) as frightening or good news, one thing is evident:

Technology has connected people in ways that was unheard of even 15-20 years ago.

With the prevalence of smartphones with cameras, digital cameras, the internet and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook our society has never seemed more connected.

Hopefully this will be for the greater good of mankind.

iphone journalism



An Amusing Infographic on Common Spelling Errors

With the prevalence of so many devices to keep people connected, one thing that I have noticed in all of the shortcuts to typing out messages as well as posts on various blogs is that certain rules of grammar and spelling have become commonplace.

I’m guilty of it at times as well.  Have a look at this graphic highlighting some of the most common errors.


15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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